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Smart Air Purifier MIA Recuperator

Smart Air Purifier MIA Recuperator

Main features

1.Three Optional filters:

* Early effect + activated carbon
* HEPA (H13 standard, PM2.5 removal highly to 99.97%)
* High-voltage electrostatic dust (PM2.5 removal highly to 99.8%)

2.The heat exchange core efficiency can above 96%
3.SGCC shell keeps the ventilator rustless.

4.The ERV can be controlled by Three-speed knob controller, Intelligent controller, APP-controller.

Early Effect+Activated Carbon

The filter with composite fiber, sprayed with activated carbon powder, can filter dust particle efficiently and the wind resistance is very small. The even-distributed activated carbon. This washable can be used repeatedly, and two in one way, greatly reduces the total cost of consumables.

High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter

To ensure the health and non-pollution, The filter element that we use is 3M HEPA, meeting the European standard-H13, and the PM2.5 removal rate can be up to 99.97%, this large dust holding capacity helps to save the total cost.

High-voltage Electrostatic Dust

With pin type electric discharge way, the high-voltage electrostatic dust can replace the traditional tungsten filament high-voltage electrostatic dust collection. It's thickness is only 4 cm, can be suitable for all kinds of models. The removal rate of PM2.5 is highly to 98%, so that can effectively kill the bacteria and prevent the infection. It's washable, also can be cleaned with brush, and will not increase the using cost.

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