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INVT HR11 Series Rack Online UPS 1-10 kVA (220V/230V/240)

INVT HR11 Series Rack Online UPS 1-10 kVA (220V/230V/240)
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INVT HR11 Series Rack Online UPS 1-10 kVA (220V/230V/240)

HR11 series, ranging from 1kVA to 10kVA, is double conversion online rack UPS with fully DSP controlled technology. The single phase of 6-10kVA UPS applies the advanced 3-level technology, achieving a efficiency up to 95%. With its compact design of high power density (kW=kVA) in 2U height, HR11 series make it ideal choice for computers, telecommunication equipment and other sensitive devices.


IDC(Internet Data Center), network, servers and workstations, control system, communication system, office, PC etc.


Common features for 1-10kVA

Wide range of input voltage while input PF>99%

19” standard cabinet and battery cabinet

Full protection of overvoltage, circuit short and over temperature

LCD/LED display, monitoring all the operation status

Automatic fan speed adjustment

Abundant interface: RS232,USB, SNMP, Intelligent Card

Unique features for 6-10kVA

High efficiency, up to 95%

kVA=kW, output PF=1

Intelligent charging management, effectively improving the life time of battery

3 level of technology, compatible with complicated load

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